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Leading People of All Ages to Victory in Jesus Christ

Meet Our Counselor:

Rev. David S. Weiss, M.A.

Pastoral Counselor David Weiss is a man who has given his life to Jesus Christ and his highest priority is serving Him. His next priority is being husband to his wife, Nancy, for more than 50 years and father to their 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He is a staunch supporter of family values and Godly principles, which he demonstrates in his family, and has promoted throughout 40 years of ministry to people and community service. Rev. Weiss received his masters degree in Counseling and Psychology from Ashland Theological Seminary. Rev. Weiss is a Certified Spiritual Director upon completing a two year training program. Spiritual Direction is to help individuals to have a greater intimacy with God and there by enable one to know about God's work in a chaotic world. It is learning how to pay attention to an ever-seeping awareness, presence, and activity of the Holy Spirit.