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Company Message

Leading People of All Ages to Victory in Jesus Christ


“It seems like only yesterday I walked into your office for the first time. The time seems to have passsed quickly although the hard work that brought me this far felt like it dragged. When I first saw you, I thought, "Can I get better?" In my wildest imaginings I could never be the person I am today. You helped me see my worth in God's eyes, to truly believe in my specialness, to have self-respect and self-confidence. You helped me to dig the real me out of the rubble of my life. You helped me appreciate my life and learn from it. You gave me so many hours, so many prayers, so many invaluable tools. Thank you for being God's obedient servant."

A past client

"Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for helping me focus on what is really important in life. Thank you for helping me love myself, so I can love others more. Your support and prayers to help me and my family has been such a blessing. Make a beautiful day and may God continue to bless you so you will be able to bless others."

A past client

"David has the wisdom of Solomon and the compassion of Jesus. He is truly anointed to minister to the hurting and broken. He helped turn my life around when other counselors could not."

From a depressed and suicidal client

"Our marriage was falling apart. I lost hope of ever loving my wife and I wanted out. We were treating each other as enemies. Then a friend recommended Out of Zion Counseling Ministry. I thought, 'If he can't help us, it's over'. In the first visit, he assessed our situation and gave us hope. We have learned and have grown so much. Now we have a good marriage. I love my wife more than ever."

From a distraught married couple

"I want to tell you David how grateful I am to you for all of your help, kindness, and compassion. You have a real heat for God and out of that flows a loving heart for his people. I see you as a very Godly man in character, who has been blessed greatly because of your faithfulness to God. I would encourage you to keep on fighting the good fight of faith, keep on loving, keep on walking in his ways. I believe you are touching many lives for good. I know you say that being a senior pastor is not your calling, but I would say to you that you have been more of a pastor to me than any pastor I know, including the Church I am attending now. I respect you greatly. You are truly a good friend in Christ."

From a past client